Time to Change the Clocks

It is a sunny November day in London. the temperatures are dropping, now and leaves are falling rapidly from the trees. Winter is on its way, but the saddest thing about this time of the year is the shortness of daylight hours. London is now back on Greenwich Mean Time, and on some days from now until the middle of February I will go to my work in darkness and return home in darkness, with the only sight of the sun being through my windows.

From a purely personal point of view I would rather have daylight at the end of the day, rather than at the beginning of the day, which can be found simply by adjusting the clocks to permanent summer time in winter and double summer time in summer. The United Kingdom kept such clocks during world war two, but since the lobby has been to retain GMT and BST, for reasons I do not fully understand.

Apparently farmers in the North of England and in Scotland prefer the present system for clocks, but there are few farmers and many city dwellers these days. There are arguments about whether it is safer for children to go to school in winter in morning darkness or return from school in evening darkness. Some have claimed that there are good environmental reasons for adopting BST in winter and double BST in summer.

Ultimately the best reason for changing the clocks is to give everyone good long summer evenings, to sit in the garden, or play sports or go for walks in daylight when the sun shines.

One Response

  1. Gregorian + Draconian = disruption of natural and earth time and the mind, this is why they are doing it.

    Don’t be SAD do some math.

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