Time to Remember

All over the United Kingdom today people are wearing paper poppies on their clothes as a remembrance of those who lost their lives in the wars of the last century and of this century. The Sunday closest to the 11th of November is the day chosen for ceremonial in which the dead who died in wars are honoured. It is a poignant reminder of the futility and waste that war brings to almost everyone in the nations involved in wars. 

It is sad that so many millions killed in two world wars were led to their deaths by ruthless leaders or foolish leaders. If someone attacks you then you must defend yourself without ruth, but to attack another on invented reasons for your own aggrandisment or to distract a nation from domestic troubles or for pure greed in order to possess what is held aby another is one of the features of humanity. We are often only humane when it suits our purpose or when we do not suffer as a result of our charity.

We must not dishonour the dead, but in pointing out the dishonour of some of those who brought was was living into death we do not dishonour the dead.

After the services and prayers for the dead, after the parades of old soldiers, frail and withered with age, after the last trumpet has been sounded today perhaps the sun will shine, and we shall forget the dead for another year and forget those causes, once thought to be so noble but now known to be hollow, for another year.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Robert,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post! From and old song by—The Five Stairsteps…I hope on some ‘maybe day’ we will all; ‘Walk in the rays of a beautiful sun—Some day when the world is much brighter.’


    • I share your hope


  2. When we remember soldiers, but not their victims

    When we glorify the pointless deaths of millions

    When we portray slaughter as noble

    When we aggrandize patriotism

    When we celebrate militarism

    We are not honouring the dead of war

    We are enticing the living to join them.

  3. Here is a alternative Rob, of which we need more of, voices from those who really know.

    No mention however, of another thorn in the side of humanity, the real poppy fields, the one containing mind altering drugs/HSBC.

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