Memories – My First Haircut

My big adventure was my first haircut. I walked with my Father down Drury Lane. We were alone together, which was unusual. The barber’s shop was close by, possibly even in Drury Lane, but I cannot remember.  

In the barber’s shop the big barber in his white coat said that he would give me a shave. My father laughed. Mrs. Dale Diary played on the radio. I felt very grown up. I watched the Barber through his mirror, perched on a bench that straddled the arms of the barber’s chair. he cut my hair. It was an odd feeling.

When the barber had finished I climbed off the bench and stood in my short trousers with my newly cut hair. I felt a little grown up.

Later walking home with  I remembered what the barber had said.

“Oh, the man forgot to shave me”

“He was only joking.”

I knew then that I was not a little grown up and that i was still a very young boy. I learned that when grown ups said things they did not mean they were joking.  Jokes seemed unfair.  Children have a highly developed sense of injustice. I was uncomfortable that the barber had made a joke and more uncomfortable that I did not understand it was a joke.  I soon forgot my discomfort and walked on home with my father.

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