Apples and Pears Up the Stairs

I have an apple tree in my back garden and a pear tree in my front garden. It is easy to pick the apples, but picking the pears is beyond me. They are too high and I do not have a long enough ladder and even if I did have one, I cannot trust myself to pick the pears without injuring me or the tree. 

A young man knocked on the door. He asked if he could pick my pears, so that instead of having no pears there would be some for him and some for me. I did agree and now have a bag of pears for his trouble. He left some pears for the birds and the late wasps and bees.

I  picked the apples later and now have both apples and pears. When I am hungry I take some upstairs to eat. It is simply taking apples and pears up the stairs, or taking them up the apples and pears.

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