A Happy Day

All over the world people have a custom of celebrating the day when they were born. It is a simple statement of the joy of life, for those whose birthdays are being celebrated and for the celebrants. 

It can be be impossible, for some, to imagine living in a world without those people who are close to you, even though at times we argue with those who are close to us, and they cause us distress; the happiness they bring outweighs everything else and we chose to celebrate with presents, cars upon which are printed small statements of love, and specially decorated cakes.

Getting older is an achievement, and it is right to celebrate it. Each successive year brings another investment in those we love, and bring change to all of us, often change for the worse, but if we can no longer run quickly or fight strongly we have other new characteristics which we have slowly grown, and although we may sigh for qualities we have lost we must remember the qualities we have acquired.

There is an entitlement to pleasure and joy on your birthday; it is deserved and the wishes of many happy returns of the day, old fashioned wishes these days, mean more than they seem.



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