A Million is a Large Number but…

A million is a large number. If you counted a million taking a second to count each number it will take you more than twelve days. But words are not numbers; they cost time but the cost is not expensive and affordable by almost everyone.

The daily post has become a habit. Writing is a good way to keep thinking and a nice way to spend some time. I do not want to repeat myself. I do want to keep writing until I slip into unconsciousness, for each essay is like a kiss, a chance of bliss, enclosing me in gentle rain, as a poet once sang.

I published my first essay on these pages on 24 October 2007. Since then I have written 2,161 essays, publishing one essay every day, except for Christmas and Easter. WordPress has counted more than 438,000 “views” of my essays, many of which have been reposted on other sites and linked to other sites, so perhaps more than a million “views” of my essays have been taken.

Writing is act which serves two mistresses; the first is the audience, the readers of the writer, whom the writer tries to inform and with whom the writer tries to communicate. The second mistress is both within and without the writer, what Morrison called the crystal ship, who satisfies a need to write, as a chance of communicating with those he cannot meet and does not know. Both are hard mistresses.

I have written more than a million words on these posts. A million is a large number but not the largest number and  the mistress is not satisfied.

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