The Right to Bear Arms

Once again we have woken to news that there has been another slaying of people in the United States, this time in Washington DC when when people were killed for no apparent reason, by a man with a gun. Despite the regularity of this kind of event the United States finds it impossible to enact laws which prevent the widespread availability of arms. Its Constitution protects the “right” of its people to bear and keep arms, and this “right” is doubly protected by a powerful group that lobbies to enable arms to be freely available to American people. 

The justification for this so called right is that there are many bad people in the United States who bear arms, so the good people need to protect themselves. There have been many cases brought in Federal Courts in the USA about this right to bear arms, but the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which provides the source of this right remains.

A nation as large as the United States which has been born as a result of the use of arms and which has expanded with the use of arms is not going to change easily.

Every right has a corresponding duty; if you drive a car badly or wrongly your right to drive a car will be removed. You cannot enjoy a right when you abuse it or show that you are likely to abuse it causing damage to others.

It seems to me odd that the USA cannot enact a Federal law, if necessary changing its Constitution, so as to prevent any person who has been convicted of any criminal offence, having no right to bear or keep arms, and making it an offence for such a person to keep or bears arms.
Such a law may not prevent a mad man from going on a killing spree; there will always been mad men. However it may make it harder for a mad man to act out his fantasies and it may save the lives of those innocents who do not bear arms or keep them.


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