A Furniture Con Trick

Under the laws of the United Kingdom you are not allowed to make false claims to customers. There are strict rules about advertising a product at a sale price. If an item is described as being reduced it must be genuinely reduced. 

It may come as a surprise to learn that in many furniture stores 95% of the sales were at “sale prices” which tends to indicate that these were not genuine reductions and that customers had been tricked or conned int believing that they were buying something at a lower price than its normal price. In fact the furniture stores were simply pretending that the price at which the goods were being offered was not a normal price but was a significantly lower price than normal.

This is simply a con trick by those furniture stores that indulge in these dishonest practices. The Office of Fair Trading has ordered six major furniture stores to stop misleading their customers about pricing. Goods should not be offered at a new sale price for longer periods than they were offered at a higher price; the higher price, when referred to, should be a genuine price, and not an invented price to persuade the customer that the customer is getting a bargain.



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  1. It is actually a trend acquired by most of the product stores to advertise for a product to be offered at discount which is less than the normal prize. But in actual, there is nothing like that and they people are just cheating the customers. I had experienced a same situation while purchasing household furniture. But the furniture seller was trying to offer a product at discount without charging any transport mobila cost and charging the actual cost of furniture.

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