The Spider In the Kitchen

A colourful spider came into my house and started spinning a web in the kitchen. I picked it up and took it outside to an acer tree, where it sat on a leaf for a short while and then started spinning a web around the leaves of the acer. The spider was happy to share my kitchen with me, even though I expect that kitchen, while a place of food for me would have proved very slim pickings for the spider.

I cannot look at the world through the eyes of a spider, any more than the spider can look at the world through my eyes. We will both observe things that the other cannot see, and miss things that the other can see. O took the spider from a place where it was unlikely to find food, but would be safe from predators, to a place where the spider would be likely to find food but also would not be safe from predators.

It is always thus and has always been thus. We can be safest in a home into which no predator can enter. We will be hungriest in a home that is safest. In order to live we must eat and in order to eat we must abandon safety.

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