Why Do Some Hate America

There seems to be a feeling in America that people in other nations are jealous of the prosperity and success of the most powerful nation in the world and that causes terrorism and anti-american feeling. 
Clearly, there are plenty of people who want to emigrate to America in order to have more opportunity to live a better life, but there are even more people who are very happy where they live and see the United States a a place where their own values are displaced by different values which often run counter to their traditional belief.

I do not think America is hated because of jealousy. I think America is disliked because inevitably it exercises its power in ways to serve itself, rather than serving humanity. Few powerful nations are great nations. Inevitably the exercise of power is the problem. It inevitably involves hypocrisy and injustice, because the powerful and the allies of the powerful have their already prevalent interests advanced at the expense of the weak and powerless. 

That is what America is perceived to do, and that is the reason, not jealousy, why some hate America and others despise it.

This perception that others are jealous, right or wrong, by America as to why America is hated or despised, has a wicked effect upon American foreign policy in the world. If your starting point is that people do not like you, instead of having a starting point that people do not like some of the things you will do, you will never repair their perception because you will not see your behaviour as the problem; you will only see the perception of others as the problem. 

Those that claim that “everyone hates us but we don’t care” is the attitude that Americans should adopt miss the point; you should care what others think of you and you should care to examine your own behaviour, because sometimes it falls from the standards by which you attempt to live.

One Response

  1. Most of the yanks l`ve met online or offline have been nice folk. The same can`t be said of their Govt`s of either flavor. Unfortunately the yanks are an obedient, faithful lot, that believe the bullshit their Govt`s feed them. `Jealous` of those living in the land of the so-called free. Nope. Just sick to death of the despots running the place. And glad l`m not there.

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