On the Acquisition of Wealth

Many people have wanted to become billionaires; I do not count millionaires as being very rich, b because most millionaires have merely a better lifestyle than most people but billionaires not only have a better lifestyle in a material sense, but they have more money than they can possibly want or possibly spend.

The acquisition of money is a futile occupation because it has no end in itself. Billionaires are very similar to thieves; they respect money and want as much of it as possible and are rarely troubled by the means that they have used to acquire it.

Having more money than you can ever possibly spend is what a billionaire has, and many have spent their lifetime in achieving the wealth of a billionaire. For them much of their lifetime is wasted. Collecting great wealth is an empty pastime. Some who have done so realise, often when it is too late, that the collection of great wealth leaves them with the problem of how to dispose of it after they die (for death comes to the billionaire just as surely as it comes to the pauper) as well as the problem of how to use it during their lifetimes.

For most of us who start life wanting to collect great wealth we find that we are incompetent or incapable of doing do. We cannot succeed in fulfilling our desires. If we cannot succeed in getting what we want we have to succeed in changing what we want to get, and so having failed in our objective of acquiring great wealth we turn to other objectives, more easily ascertained and are sometimes surprised at how pleasant the attainment of a different objective is.

And so billionaires acquire their wealth with a great deal of cleverness and cunning. This cleverness does not pervade through every aspect of a billionaire’s life because in the final analysis a billionaire has to be clever enough to be able to get all his wealth but foolish enough to want the wealth.

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