Earth is not room enough

There are more than seven billion people alive on the earth today. In my lifetime, which is not even a feather of recorded history, the population of humans on this planet has increased by threefold. The population has increased six fold since my grandfather was born and nearly fourfold since my father was born.

There are many parts of the world filled by humanity, and even more filled by the activities of humanity. For the time being, but only for the time being, earth is room enough, but a threefold increase in population on this planet over the next sixty or seventy years will leave us all with less room to live and fewer resources to share. There will be little living space. Then earth will not be room enough.

Of course, the population increases of the past are no measure for future population increases. It is perfectly possible that our planet will need to cleanse itself of much of the humanity that would otherwise infect it, and nature has powerful cleansing tools. Some, such as disease and plagues, have previously been used, but perhaps the most powerful cleansing tool is being built by humanity, slowly surely and carefully without realising that it is doing so. it is a tool that melts ice caps and warms the surface cleaning a significant amount of the dirt and debris, like a good disinfectant.

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  1. That essay would ring Margret Sangers bell right enough, but the decline has already been fired into action, by controlling the food, the UN/NWO own papers have predicted that by 2040 – 2050 the overall population will begin to decline at a million per year.

    Those reading this essay check out the UN’s green agenda and Agenda 21 for a black and white window from TPTB on paper, find a copy and study it well.

    As we are there is still plenty of room on earth, if the tech and resorces that the west has today, was shared out equally there could well be double the population today quite easily, but its not by design.

    Much of the problem is those in charge today have the highlander syndrome, where the many are being steered by the few, and are being used like slaves towards their end game and finale.

    Watch the final phase begins, when inflation hits double figures again soon and gold go through the roof like never before.

    The Canadian Sachs man and Mr Beaching the second has arrived.

    Buckle up.

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