On Inclusion

Inclusion is a modern concept, which i do not properly understand. Committees and departments of enterprises and institutions (particularly schools) are set up to promote inclusion and to monitor effective inclusion , but it is hard for me at least to understand precisely what they are promoting and monitoring. 

In schools the concept of inclusion is no more that teaching people who are disabled or who have special teaching requirements alongside those who are abled and talented and normal. This is not a modern concept; hundreds of years ago schools maintained a single class where everyone, no matter what talent or disability they had, learnt together.

In society the concept of inclusion is linked to social justice (as though justice has many different departments) and there is even a Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion.

By the nature of our species and society everyone is included, except those who decide to exclude themselves. Most societies that have developed in a so called civilised way develop distinctions between different people, so that the rulers (whether elected or self appointed) have different privileges and a better life than those who are ruled and oppressed. In Britain, my country, where the concept of inclusion is very strongly supported, it is strongly supported by those who have distinguished themselves with peerages, knighthoods and a whole host of other bestowed honours, so that you may well listen to someone lecturing on the importance of social inclusion who has done his or her best to avoid social inclusion, by joining or remaining in a narrow privileged elite.

Perhaps upon analysis the concept of inclusion is no more than a sop to those who are excluded from the very best, whether it be in education, or in life in general.  Ultimately “inclusion” is one of those meaningless words used to make people feel good or that something good is being done. It is a dangerous way to use a word. If you are obsessed with inclusion you are like to ignore a fundamental and real concept of how society should behave – the concept of decency.

2 Responses

  1. There has been a form of inclusion, into peoples bank acounts of late. Now the BIS has just called for stability to return to the paradigm and by this stayement expect interest rates to be inclusive of what you have left.

    This includes the CooP who are also in the doodu, get teady to fly because all will be inclusive, included, inclusion.

    The BIS are basically saying we will have to bail out our own banks with our own money, inclusion indeed, when the money dissapears they will understand fully.

  2. How’s about.

    In collusion Rob, make any scense.


    Fat kid on one end, skinny kid on the other.

    See saw doesn’t work. No one can play.

    Add some more skinny kids to that end until it balances.

    Now we can play on the see saw.


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