On Equality

The school that provided most of my formal education, George Green’s School, was in Poplar; its motto was “Fideliter”. Today it is located on the Isle of Dogs, also in dockland. It has an additional motto that it uses “All different, all equal”.

Certainly those at the school are all different; they come from a range of ethnicities and are all individuals; we perhaps need to value and appreciate individualism more than we do.

Certainly all those at the school are equal. Equality is a concept that is abused or misunderstood. No person can be more equal than another; each person should have equal rights and equal fundamental treatment. But equality has to be more subtle than a simple broad brush of a uniform standard. The Greeks have known for more than two thousand years that equality consists in the same treatment of similar persons and the worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.

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