If you destroy life supporting forest you make death bringing smoke.

What happened to London in the 1950s is now happening in Singapore and Indonesia. Burning, in this case the illegal burning of tropical forest in order to clear the land, has created, as burning always creates, smoke and the smoke has settled in a haze around Singapore and parts of Indonesia. The governments of these nations have issued health warnings, recommended that people stay indoors and do not engage in heavy outdoor activity. Singapore is blaming Indonesia for failure to control and prevent the illegal burning of forest.

We need clean air to breathe. Everyone knows that and everyone mostly ignores that. The imperative of economic growth, the making of money and the belief that because nature provides resource humans can exploit it until that resource no longer exists prevails over the simple knowledge that we need to breathe clean air. If you burn life supporting forest you create death bringing smoke.

In places in Singapore and Indonesia the air quality is 371 on the pollution standards index.  The scale on the PSI ranges from perfectly clean air (0) to unhealthy (+200) through hazardous (+300). The air quality is Singapore is now worse than hazardous. PSI levels above 400 will be life-threatening to ill and elderly persons. And healthy people may experience adverse symptoms that prevent them from living their lives as normal. Older folk may remember the song, written about a different kind of smoke, but just as relevant.

Purple haze all in my eyes

Don’t know if it’s day or night

You’ve got me blowin, blowin my mind

Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?

Even if the haze clears rapidly, the particulates in the atmosphere will add to global dimming and to the Asian Brown Cloud.

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  1. Exactly what I wrote about here a year ago. Not only is the visible pollution degrading breathable air in the highly populated areas, high congregations and industrialised places, it is also seeding the global cloud system in ways unimaginable and effecting the global weather patterns in many ways.

    Bejing has had pollution levels recorded over 700.

    Then we come to the huge forests of the planet, together with other natural global major compostors, by far the largest Co2 creators at over 80%.

    The Co2 produced by vedgetation is very different and done over a longer period in a cooller enviornment, where as man does it using tremendous heat or lots of it. If the forests were totally gone, even with our dirty energy, we would quickly start to run out of enough usable Co2 to grow anything, because mankind would not be able to make enough plant food, the yeilds of food is already beginning to drop off, 30% down on corn this year already.

    It is not what we breath Co2 wise which will create the human levelling field, but real pollution, without food we don’t function, the food will run out long before we have a doubling of Co2 in the atmosphere, in time the planet will recover and the natural Co2 lagging along behind it.

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