Enemies of Your Enemies

I suppose it was inevitable. When two people start fighting sometimes others join in. It is never advisable unless you are sure who the good guys are and who are the bad guys. In Syria many different groups are fighting against the government of President Assad. If President Assad were to be overthrown by this revolution there is no doubt that the groups who fought to overthrow him would start fighting among themselves and even within each group there would be those who would fight in that group for leadership. When you get a chance to run a country the stakes are high and there are many people willing to play those stakes. The outcome is always the death of the innocents and that will be no different in Syria than it was in Iraq when Saddam Husain was overthrown, or in Afghanistan, when the Taliban were overthrown or in Yugoslavia, when Tito died or in Libya when Gaddafi was overthrown.

When some dictators have been ousted there has not been too much civil strife and death; Spain, Argentina, Greece and Chile all got rid of their dictators relatively peacefully, compared with what has happened in the Middle East. Internal divisions and jealousies were not as pronounced or significant as they are in Syria, where there are many religious groups and many outside influences that see Syria as a strategic prize.

President Obama has now decided to supply weapons to some of the groups that seek to overthrow President Assad. He thinks that President Assad is the enemy of the United States and that accordingly the United States should support the enemies of the enemies of the United States by supplying them with arms. In essence the United States will arm its enemies and give them the opportunity of power in Syria. It is not advisable to arm your enemy; no good ever comes of it.

2 Responses

  1. You have made some decent points there. I checked on the web
    for more info about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this web site.

  2. Who is the United States, or should we ask, who were the United State, or even, who still rules the United States, could it be a United Kingdom but those there don’t really know who are still the same blood lines, a quick DNA test would suffice.

    The same old Rhodes technique is being used once again, fonjecture as to wheather or not Syria has used chemical weapons supplied by the west, without first gathering and portraying such evidence from ground zero.

    Obama has just given the green light to arm the factions on its pay roll and replace any form of physical proofe, with real violence and real guns and real dead women and children just in case they might in the future.

    Who then is the really stupid enemy.

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