Lobbying and Corruption

Some administrations are openly corrupt.  In some parts of the world you can offer a handful of cash to a civil servant or government official in order to obtain a document that is your administrative right, like a minor permit, or a document that is your human right to possess, like a passport. You have to offer a large bag full of cash to obtain a facility to make more cash in that part of the world. These things are done secretly but the process is not too subtle.

In other parts of the world, often those parts that sneer at nations which are openly corrupt, there is greater corruption but it is a subtle process. In the USA and in the United Kingdom money changes hands, and often quite large sums of money, in the process of corruption, but the money does not pass from the person who bribes to the person who is being bribed. Instead the insidious process uses agencies; a few decades ago there was no use of agencies, but an even more subtle process in which corrupt practises and bribes were pooled between an informal group, who handed out to members various benefits so that the corruption and bribery was disguised. That still goes on but the corrupt are increasingly using agencies for corruption.

In the USA and the UK those agencies are called “lobbyists” and are paid large sums to promote a venture or a concept to politicians and civil servants. This is all apparently perfectly legal and lobbyists and their company can gain large sums (I first wrote “earn large sums” but quickly backspaced) in order that their customers who pay for their services may gain even larger sums.

It astonishes me why so many apparently decent politicians and civil servants give so much time to lobbyists and often end up directly working for lobbyists or setting up their own lobbying companies.

The noun “lobbyist” and the verb “to lobby” are misnomers these days. Originally the words described the process of grabbing hold of a politicians attention in the lobby of the building where the politician practised because entry into the building itself was forbidden. Today lobbyists lobby in the very heart of the buildings which government uses.  Perhaps we should no longer describe them as lobbyists but as corrupters.

2 Responses

  1. Common Purpous Robert, check them out, jow in the same building as Demos, different thinkers for the same corruptors.

  2. The many think tanks are funded by the same elites money, they have hidden funding for which the costs for this are enormous, they are placing these chosen lobbyists right at the heart of governments, steering parties if you like, themselves also being steered, all chasing their own tails for funds, the tail wagging the dog, to change the paradigm to where and how they want to run things, for the future global government to be.

    There are many decent people in Parliament as you say, but the younger they get, the easier they are to manipulate in the pollitical prep schools. Then we know certain annals of power attracts pathological personalities. But its not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.

    We are not looking at a new state of matter here, but at a newly recognized relationship between consciousness and matter, which provides a more penetrating insight into the workings of pollotics, the old pre-science, but in a new guise.

    A Cloud Based Physiology is now being born and the electronic batton will eventually cosh the whole invisibly, this I think is their main intent.

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