A Depressing Achievement

We are nearly there. The Mauna Loa readings of atmospheric carbon dioxide at an altitude of 3,400 metres in the Hawaiian northern subtropics recorded a mean average for May 2013 of 399.77 parts per million.  

Mauna Loa is used for its altitude and the fact that the area is surrounded by bare lava which does not have vegetation or soil. It is thought that measuring at Mauna Loa provides an accurate representation of the atmospheric carbon dioxide of the Northern hemisphere.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide at lower levels, particularly in cities, is almost certainly going to be higher but Mauna Loa readings, with the methodology, extensive quality and recalibration checks that the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration carry out are probably the best in the year and have been consistently produced at the Earth Systems Laboratory with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography are a good measuring stick of relative increases (and decreases) in Atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Since 1958 atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased from 318 parts per million to nearly 400 parts per million, based on the readings taken at Mauna Loa. In 1959 the rate of increase annually was 0.94 parts per million. In 2012 the annual rate of increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide was 2.65 ppm, which is the highest rate of increase recorded.

We are nearly there; when the Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997 with the object of reducing atmospheric greenhouse gases, Mauna Loa recorded 363 ppm. When the data for June 2013 is known it will show more than 400 pmm. This is a depressing achievement.

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  1. With the advent of the higher Co2 levels world wide, the planet has greened, satellites have recorded an 8% increase of vedgetation over the planets surface, so as one part increases so does one of the main food for plants.

    Those who enjoy gardening and buying there plants from the garden centres for an early start, do so buying plants grown in greenhouses with Co2 levels in house of around 600ppm. The heating systems arefiltered for their Co2 which is sequestered and fed back into the sealed growing houses for spectacular results.

    As is scientifically known, the more vedgetation that the planet grows the higher the natural Co2 levels become, last figures are that over 80% of global Co2 is generated in this way, new science now tells us that more Co2 will reduce the need for fossile fuel based products will be lower with a higher atmospheric load of Co2.

    The planet is now at its lowest Co2 level since the dinosaurs and mostly down to the planet slowly cooling down, not warming up, so if we are to feed the population of tomorrow we need more Co2, and should be paid to produce more.

    But the men without hats have turned natural science on its head and wanting us to pay for producing this minimal entity and life giving gas and food for plants.

    Nature which we are a part of brings about everything she needs but never charges for it, in time we might become wise to the ages old trick of humans getting other humans to work for nothing and blame them for creating our own food, for thought.

    Our plot here in Yorkshire has only hard work and plenty of natural fertilizers, and heat and water, mores the merrier.

    And last but not least, after guidance from Mr Lovelock and Mr Vance, charcoal in the ground has turned our plot into a gold mine for plants, carbon in its solid form sequesters Co2 in the ground and locks it away securely for the plants to use at their leisure.

    These greening moments can be seen after a forest fire where both csrbons are in abundance after the inferno, there is science and hijacked science, one knows and the other wants you to think it knows best, this one knows what really works.

    Of those early strawbs, nice and tastey, remember they were grown in 600ppm Co2.

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