Beat the Clock

When I was a child we huddled around a very small black and white television to watch Sunday Night at the London Palladium. This variety show was hosted, most of the time by Bruce Forsyth and in the middle section of the show there were a few small quizzes in which a few members of the audience participated, to have a chance of winning a modest prize. One of these quizzes involved a magnetic board on which words were randomly places and the contestant had to “rearrange the words into a well known phrase or saying”

For example the words “Nine, time, stitch, a, saves, in” could be rearranged into “a stitch in time saves nine” and if the contestant did this successfully in thirty seconds he or she would win. You had to beat the clock or you lost.

This game is no longer played on any television show, but it is played instead in the press. Editors, broadcasters and journalists have adopted the game of “rearrange the words into a well known phrase or saying” in their daily reporting. If you have been misquoted in the press you will understand the point that I am making. Today the game is a bit more sophisticated because it is more “rearrange the words into something that I think I can make money by misquoting you or something that serves my agenda”.

This is an easy game to play and nowhere does it seem to be played with more vigour than when it comes to reporting climate change. The press seized on a statement by Tim Yeo MP that there was a chance that climate change could be a natural phenomenon but the overwhelming scientific consensus is that climate change is man made. Some sections of the press reported the first half of Mr Yeo’s statement, but not the second half, and then proceeded to claim that he did not believe in anthropogenic climate change.

This disgraceful and shameful style of reporting makes sensible debate about climate change virtually impossible. It serves the public ill, not because the press present the climate sceptic point of view; that point of view is valuable and ought to be presented; but because the writing down of all the words but in the wrong order misinforms the public and does a great disservice to humanity to enable the press to sell a few more papers or the broadcasters to sell a few more advertisements or the pundits to increase their own earning ability by commenting on comments that were never made.

In the meantime the Arctic ice melts more quickly than ever, frequent floods and droughts occur where once they were few, some places have record heat while others find winter extended long into spring and spring extended into what was summer. Few join up the dots because they get much of their news and opinion from the press who are rearranging the words.

Ultimately we as humans are playing a game of beat the clock on a planetary scale; eventually we may not beat the clock, for the clock is ticking as surely as emissions are increasing and if we are not careful and prepared to make sacrifices, time will run out.

3 Responses

  1. HI Robert,

    True—thanks for sharing!

  2. Let’s have it warm enough again to re-colonize the Viking settlements in “Green”land, and have another Medieval Warming Period, like the one that saw huge growth when most of the great cathedrals or Europe were built, it can only be a good thing really.

    The MSM is owned by the same corporate Moguls who are funding the science on the AGW front line, they also fund the mind schools where said enviornmentalists come from and call the shots right across the board.

    Like I said in an earlier post, The new warm is now being blamed for the new dry and the new wet and the new cold periods too, funny that, hey, you could’nt make it up could you, but they are doing so.

    What one would like to know is, will their be a refund if the science is wrong, or will their be further funding to make it look as if something unatural is reallyop happening.

    The lenghts that some will go to, to get goverment backing for their thesis on what is happening is not funny.

    The BBC has broken all the truth rules with their scary climate gate videos using children to get their message across, appauling.

    Long term historical studies have already shown that the cyclical has returned once again naturally, those changed drove out the Norse from Greenland, and the Anasazi in the Americas, first by cold and second by heat.

    More homework will give the answers to who is calling the shots in all of this, don’t expect a refund though.

  3. We are not old enough the remember the black and white tv programs, but vividly remember Bullseye with Jim Bowen in colour, the best bit was showing the players what they could have won, cruel or what, just like the global warming scam, where we pay now, and still get no resolve later when all the money has all gone.

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