The End is not a Desirable Consumation

The tornado that ravaged parts of Oklahoma recently was one of the most powerful tornadoes that have been recorded. It was formed by cold air meeting hot air meeting winds, and demonstrates that in the face of the worst that nature can offer humans are relatively powerless.

Much of the United States suffers from extreme weather events and much of it suffers from extreme natural events, like earthquakes. Humans are an ingenious species and can form settlements in places that are less than perfect for habitation, but do so at a cost to the environment.

The more we learn, the more we spoil and the more dangerous we make our life on this planet. We multiply voraciously. We race to survive in conditions here we put our survival at risk; the greater the risk that we create for ourselves the more ingenious we have to become to mitigate the risks we create. Where we cannot know something, because it is too complex for us to know or because we have not learnt the knowing of it, we have no choice but to guess, and many of our guesses are too optimistic: we believe that everything will come right in the end, but fail to understand that the end is not a desirable consummation.

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  1. We have never had full control of the weather, modify it in our immediate locality yes, but never fully, that we know of.

    What is ironic however, is the very people who control goverments under their corporate guise, the very same protocol pushing the AKA global warming/climate change model, are the same departments who own the fossile fuels and lobby, and creating the real pollution of both mind and body.

    And getting us to pay for their clean up bill in what is the new religion that is a carbon footprint/tax.

    One simply cannot solve these problems using the same level of consciousness that is creating them.

    A departure from the reality, and one that does’nt really exist, called money, that controls this current paradigm we are locked into the syndrome, is needed, and back to a locally run product based society is the only way we are going to sort out the many problems that a global echellon is now creating.

    Like the weather, mankind will be forced to do this eventually, hopefully before the greed of many and stealth of the few has wasted every opportunity to so, along with the energy now abundant, that will not last indefinately.

    We sing from similar hymn sheets Rob, but are both being ignored for a half of one percent profit over our true energy and labours, mind and muscle out of sync, with our immediate enviornment.

    We could ad-vance if it wasn’t for those who would have to loose all they own first, the biggest te-stla is getting the right product to the masses at an affordable price, to make the differences noticeable.

    I have spelt it out several times before how this could be done, someone will eventually do this in the near future, if they think outside the, current monetary box.

    Remember it is knowledge and physical labour that is going to get the job done, the materials and men exist, that is all we need.

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