The Syrian Problem

Every day and in every way the fighting in Syria becomes more violent, more deathly and more obscene. It is impossible to define which group of fighters are the good guys and which group are the bad guys. There are claims of the use of nerve gas, although no one has yet used depleted uranium shells. There are claims of mutilation of corpses. Many innocent civilians are dead and many more are injured.
In these circumstances it is impossible to know which side we should support. The government of Syria can, if it wins the war bring stability and the same kind of peace that existed for generations, but at the cost of oppression and curtailment of the civil rights of the people. The rebels seem a mixed band of idealists democrats, extremists and theocrats. If the rebels win then the strongest grouping will overwhelm the weaker allies, and, if history teaches is true, end up oppressing their own allies once they have seen off the government, rather like the communists did in the Russian revolution nearly one hundred years ago.  

The rest of the world faces choices; if it intervenes it runs the risk of letting go of nurse and finding something much, much worse. If it does not intervene it runs the risk of being a passive spectator watching carnage which it may have prevented. If a choice about saving lives is very difficult to make it probably does not make that much difference to the number of lives save which choice is made.

One thing is clear: every effort should be made to stop all arms reaching either side in the conflict and to put as many arms out of commission as possible. At least the death rate will slow down.

The likelihood of parts of the rest of the world intervening in Syria is high; the likelihood of the rest of the world preventing arms being shipped to Syria is almost none. 

3 Responses

  1. Maybe ask Mr Hague to stop giving away sweeties to children in churches of a poisoned mind, then children with guns might stop killing the innocents.

    When weapons come from the air, then how does one prevent those from softening up the weaker ellement you want to overthrow.

    It’s not nice out there these days and while the wake up rolls on behind the scenes, the charade of projected insanity on the world screen only grows worse and more surreal as the world is pushed further and further from any semblance of sanity and truth towards world war. It’s dangerous time for all, and our leaders are taking us there, like it or not.

    This distended polarization has become so extreme something has to snap and soon. The danger will increase exponentially when that happens as people have become essentially psychotic to put up with this bullshit bombardment. As a result, everything will be on the rebound when the dam of lies breaks and all these infected minds stretched to their limits begin to snap.

    All by design of course, brought to you from the minds of psychopathic entities that feed off of all this. Whatever you do, don’t take their mind set under any circumstance. Fear is the tractor beam. Stay clear of it, even when everything breaks loose.’

    Not long now.

  2. The two sides in Syria are indeed a mess, but I don’t know that the regime can ever keep the peace again as they once did. They are so deep in Iran’s debt and have brutalized so many to hold on to power, it looks more likely that Syria will turn into some sort of Afghanistan – where Iran holds sway, terrorists run free and new war brews beneath the surface.

    And it’s easy to presume that if there were fewer weapons there would be less fighting, but Assad was massacring peaceful protesters two years ago and has shelled neighborhoods today. I’d rather arm the rebels who seem more democracy-minded and support them. Perhaps then they will become the strongest in the new Syria and keep the extremists in check.

    Regardless, the West has some keen reasons for ending this civil war and containing Syria’s chemical weapons as soon as possible.

    • In a word, the second largest energy reserves in the world and the gateway is Syria, the sheep in wolves clothing Israel.

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