400 Parts Per Million and Rising

Those who measure the atmospheric carbon dioxide at Mauna Loa have recorded in March 2013 a monthly average concentration of 397.34 parts per million compared with  394.45 ppm which was recorded in March 2012.  The April figures are not yet our but in May the average concentration exceeded 400 ppm, which level of concentration the earth has not experienced for more than 5 million years. It is, in my view, certain that the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration will average more than 400 ppm by the end of this year.

We are, as humans, moving into a new place.


5 Responses

  1. Robert
    Forget the doomsayers we are no more likely today to be destroyed by the wrath of Gaia than we were yesterday and like wise tomorrow will be fine as well. In any event there is nothing we can do about it so:

    • we will see, or our descendants will see.

    • Indeed Richard but in the mean time panic is pointless 😉

  2. I can understand the carbon conundrum frustration and the new religion called Co2, invented by the United Nations own think tanks, who now engage the end of the current take down or reality for global domination, who don’t give a dam what the weather is doing, unless they are trying to change it in some way or another.

    Just today Syria is once again under attack and the sheer hipocracy of it all is, the MIC, is laying waste to whole continents and burning huge amounts of our long term energy in forming their new world into view at any cost.

    The sheer waste of human lives in the name of carbon and profit is the true criminal act againt humanity which faces destruction by this systems hand for profit and control of who ever is left. With world war three just around the corner, one foolishly worries about Co2.

    It should be every free LLB to barrister, to bring the true criminal in charge of the whole corporate hitmen to book, before they completely destroy our whole. Stop this machine and the Co2 would be less than half of what is now creating sheer and utter madness and suffering, the like of which has not been seen in human history.

    Life will always be a gas if we leave everything as it is in the name of the carbon military footprint.

    The true devil in a skirt.

    • People have to worry about short term problems, medium term problems and long term problems. They concentrate their concerns on short term problems and ignore long term problems, but long term problems have a habit of very rapidly becoming short term disasters.

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