Acidification of colder sea water

From alkaline to acid is a natural chemical range; we can measure acidity and alkalinity and do so for many purposes, ranging from medicine to cosmetics, from food to solar water heating exchange fluids. We live in and environment and eat and drink in an environment where the acidity or the alkalinity of everything we contact has to be within a certain pH range to be safe for us to  eat it or touch it or live in it.

The Arctic Ocean is becoming more acidic. Humans are emitting copious quantities of carbon dioxide, much of which goes into the atmosphere, where it acts as a layer of thermal insulation, but much of which also is dissolved in precipitation and ends up in the sea. Cold water absorbs carbon dioxide more quickly than warm water, and as a result it seems that the Arctic region’s seas are becoming more acidic, more quickly than scientists had previously expected. The surfaces of the seas are most acidic, especially where the sea surface water mixed with fresh water rivers that drain into the Arctic seas, and where the sea ice (which shielded the water from absorbed carbon dioxide) has melted.

The Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research thinks that decreases in seawater pH in the Iceland and Barents seas have been in the order of 0.02 pH for every decade since 1970. Unfortunately, there is no doubt; all seas are slowly becoming more acidic but the colder seas and oceans are becoming more acidic more quickly than the warmer oceans. This will have an effect on sea life, and the fish and sea food available to humanity. The effect is unlikely to be a positive one.

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  1. Again lots of information but not the whole picture that science says otherwise. Take the Benthic Layers of the oceans, these have and always will remain a constant 4 degrees, the pressure at such depths will never release their Co2.

    Now the boys in Green trousers are saying the Co2 that is responsible for the recent cooling period we are entering into, who would have guessed they would pull that one out of the diplomatic hat. An quick online search with the tags, Co2-Cooling will bring a few results.

    I have a few questions to ask of you which deserve an answer,

    In one of your videos Caroline Lucas, promoting solar panels you say it doesn’t involve burning anything, doesn’t involve digging anything out of the ground, doesn’t involve a carbon footprint, if this is the case then where did the raw elements and the original energy come from thus creating the said product.

    There was also mention of making energy, when it should really have said, energy cannot be made nor destroyed, only able of converting energy, from one form into another. Conservation heading and title.

    Once created a solar hot water system does then re-creates energy into another form and is then stored, so could one start using the correct terms, when promoting a green product.

    The middle east is a much different climate than the Uk, thus has no basis for promotion of a system here.

    Who runs your advertising Rob, maybe someone should look into doing things a little bit better.

    Just saying.

    • Of course your questions merit an answer.
      1. As I explain elsewhere in this blog, the raw materials that are used to manufacture the product, as well as the manufacturing process, use energy, mostly fossil fuel, in the manufacture. It takes in UK conditions less than two years to “recover” the emissions used in the manufacturing and transport and installation of the product.
      2. You are right that energy cannot be made or destroyed (as far as we know). The product converts energy in radiation (light, including diffuse radiation) into heat energy.
      3. People who have installed solar water heating systems in the UK find that the system provides more than 60% (on average) of their hot water needs.
      4. Genersys panels have been installed in Antarctica, the North of Scotland, Nepal, as well as in many hot countries, all with excellent result.


  2. Then in a contradiction of terms it is said that a Corgi tech can learn in a couple of days to handle the installation of the product, but the people designing the product have to be sourced in Europe, me thinks otherwise, because I could do that job hands down.

    • Designing the product is work carried out by mechanical engineers and the product has evolved over the past thirty years. I think that you underestimate the skills set need to design the product. I think, however, that a Corgi Tech who has experience with the product can design a system.

  3. Thanks for answering Rob.

    What normally happens in any design and engineering field, is someone invents something and then along comes someone else and improves it, in reality everything has been done before and already exists in nature, where radiant devices for true energy harnessing already exists, it could get rather complicated from here on in but that is the basics in real terms.

    Never underestimate real thinkers and watchers Rob, because the institutionalised way of thinking is not thinking at all, it is stagnation in its most primitive form, it is what is holding back the advancement of humanity in many ways.

    Back to engineering and science, the two are and both the same elements in any given outcome, the solar recovery devices are in effect the panels on a reptilians skin/scales, that capture the suns energy and modern versions are of great importance to our alternative need for energy after the neutrality period and balance of what created them is realised is when a healing process of magnitude in so many ways begins.

    What is of greatest importance is the link between society and how their promotion has been orientated, if it is a political arena it will always fail to be realised, no matter how much real evidence is created the hidden forces of those in power will stagnate it from being realised, as one has already witnessed with the plethora of pretty windmills spinning and getting nowhere fast, but divisionally and politically.

    Where the greatest advantage for both energy recovered a re-balance of energy used in the birth of the product, is when the proven technology is affordable to the masses, masses who also control the raw materials and manufacture in house, as in true nature.

    Then there would be no more stopping its worth to our whole.

    I have already explained how this can be done, by using the free energy to promote itself, and rent the energy back from the systems in place, it is a several generation model and not immediate, somebody will cotton on to it sooner or later, you could be the first.

    My free thinking essay to you.

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