In the Long Run We Are All Dead..

In the long run we are all dead, but saying that is less accurate than saying at the end of the day is night. Of course we are all dead in the long run, whether measured over our life time, the life times of our friends and family or the lifetimes of everyone in the world. Taken further it seems that when the sun dies, as die it will, we shall all be dead, whoever we are and whatever being dead means. And that is the issue; we know death as a definition (and sometimes a woolly definition), but we do not know what death is and what death means. That is why saying in the long run we are all dead is not helpful to understanding what our lives are and death and without that we cannot understand what death means to our lives. Instead of “in the long run we are all dead” we should know “in the long run, we are all ignorant”.

One Response

  1. Wow Rob, that was a low energy post coming from yourself. Ye have little true faith if one thinks that the body we all reside in will be gone forever, it is merely a vehicle for the current consciousness to experience.
    Religion and science tell the same old story, and are mans worse next day news, but all life mate, that has ever walked this land and swam in the oceans has become extinct, not in the way we are today, but gone nonetheless.
    Tomorrow is yet another day and the forces at work may tell us one thing and do something completely different, this is how the force so strong works to block and bar Harry from his long desired peace, a peace that really could be so much different.

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