What do I know?

In Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria the sound of bullets and bombs makes it impossible for the soft voice of justice to be heard. In each of these nations the nations of the world that call themselves democratic and civilised have, in an effort to reform these three troubled states, either directly invaded or encouraged dissent, which has made war, where there had been oppression, so that where once many where oppressed now all are oppressed by war.

These days were hear little of Libya, although it is a place of violence and bombs, but that is probably because no British soldiers have died there.

I, like many, thought that each of the campaigns that my country has undertaken in these three troubled nations was inadvisable and likely to be counterproductive. The medicine has simply made the patient much worse. We have built death, not in a personal way where each may use life to prepare for and justify death, but in an impersonal way, where death is a way of life.

I hold that we should not have sent troops or weapons or advisers to these places, about which we know little except what we perceive to be in our own self-interest, and even then, our perception is mistaken. That is what I believe, but what do I know?

4 Responses

  1. Sadly Robert I think that you are very naive when it comes to how to deal with the despotic regimes of the world.

  2. Unfortunately Robert, Colonial Powers refuse to learn from history, thus, they keep repeating the same disasters and delude themselves that, this time it will be different.

  3. What do you know.

    What we all fail to see is. It is all the same factions and relations/cousins involved in the troubles since wars began, the elite families invented the term, Bullets, Bomb and Banks. It is now as clear as the summer sun.

    First you arm them, then take them down again, when a nation is led by the same kind of despots, who are then unable to cope with such destructive powers in hand, loaned to them by the true warriors.

    The more power that falls into fewer hands, the worse things are going to get, unless one both ignores and argues against known history.

  4. We have money, called by some as the route of all evil, or what some know can be used as evils main weapon, we have religions, yet another weapon in the same elites books at the time of Empire and its disposable arsenal.
    Wheather it is the forked tongue and resolve of people like dearest Cecil Rhodes for and on behalf of the same mind set.

    All and one the same idiotic mind sets, hell bent on destroying those who helped their beliefs into life, vote not and think not of who are the leading believers, abstain totally and live another day.

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