Drone Deaths and Marathon Murders

Killing people is wrong. Life is too valuable and precious to be wasted.In the United States Mr Obama has mourned the death of some innocents killed at the Boston Marathon. We wonder why anyone would choose to kill with bombs while people are innocently watching a sporting event. The deaths will be justified in the minds of the perpetrators.They will have their reasons, whether it be revenge or hatred, they will have their reasons. Three dead at Boston, many wounded and the world mourns; the world mourns at events to show sympathy for the three Americans who lost the lives and the many maimed and injured.

But not all of the world mourns. In Central Asia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, some people have suffered greater loss and those parts of the world have suffered deeper loss more regularly. America has sent drones to bomb people that America perceives intend to do America harm; these are bad people, so designated not by a jury of their peers but by radically obsessive officials and military personnel, and ultimately condemned to die by the President of America. Each drone kills and maims more innocent spectators than the bombs in Boston. Not three died, but more than three thousand three hundred have died in US drone attacks. More than half of them have been innocents whose only crime was to live where a bad man happened to be. Several hundred of those who died were just children, killed at school or at play or when sleeping.

If there had been a marathon in Afghanistan perhaps the drones would have found a target there.

Many drones were targeted at funerals which people attended to bury their dead.

So I suppose we weep tears for those killed and injured at Boston, but we cannot do so on any moral grounds without weeping tears for those killed by executive order by a military too cowardly to face their enemy in a fight and by an executive too frightened to justify their actions in any court of law.

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