Desperately Trying to Become a Cuckoo

If it were lawful for a multinational corporation to make money by breeding people in order to kill them and processing bones from specially bred humans fattened on special diets into expensive products, they would do so. If such a venture were profitable there would be many investors whose money would finance such venture. If the venture was very profitable and brought some poorly paid employment to a section of their governed, the business would be protected by governments and there would be many people (provided that they were not victims or likely to be victims of such ventures) who would be capable of expounding rational and wonderful arguments why such venture should be permitted. There would also be fine rules about corporate governance and spellbinding rhetoric as to the importance of these ventures.

I know this is true because it happens in many ways in the world, although the venture is not the processing of human bones into products out of humans specifically bred for that purpose. In twenty years, according to the International Energy Agency, the emissions from the average unit of energy produced have, despite all the windmills, remained virtually the same. In the past twenty years the multinational fossil fuel companies have invested so much in finding coal, oil and natural gas that the economy of the world is now probably irretrievably linked to fossil fuel and the wealth of the fossil fuel companies gives them such influence that I cannot see this changing, short of a massive disaster or revolution.

And thinking about this I thought about the sacrifices that the generation of my parents made. In Britain they spilt blood, sweated and cried not for their own selfish survival but for the welfare and freedom of their children. Sacrifice is unfashionable today; we all push out our elbows to create our lebensraum regardless of whether our elbows push our neighbours over the edge. Some of us have turned into cuckoos and the rest of us are trying to desperately become cuckoos.

3 Responses

  1. People bred for certain working practices, imagine that Rob, sounds so bizzare it could be true, that’s because it is. Take your average worker in China today, recently born in the new tennaments today, to work in the newly built cities for the next generation of slaves, the places are ready and the people slowly moving in, a quick search will reveal what I say here.

    The windmill scenario was a non starter even before its inception, designed only to stop the real alternatives, so the fossil fraternity could soldier on, and then get the public to pay the soot taxes for the big lie, also designed to stop the real alternatives.

    Sacrifices you say, the baby boomers never had it so good, propped up by the Empire where those with the sun are given a PV panel instead of using their own energy through lack of technology from the west, who steal their wealth on peace so we can pay dearly for the stolen energy, and we are badly done to, heh, lol.

    We are already cuckoo’s Rob, everyone of us, for feathering anothers nest and then complaining they don’t have to bide by the AGW lie.

    One cannot have it both ways Rob, not in this day and age, where our labours are being wasted for an easy innings.

    It’s our turn for a downturn, and the riches carry on pouring in for those who think the whole world owes them a living.

  2. Great post Robert, l reckon you`ve pinned the Teabags, Tories, Repugs and Corporate-Looney`s pretty well.
    The Cuckoo doesn`t build a nest, but lays it`s egg in other birds nests to let the other birds raise the cuckoo chick. When the egg hatches, the cuckoo chick will toss out of the nest, all other eggs and chicks.

    • Elite Cuckoo

      The bird that gets to play all day, while others feed them and their offspring with their hard work, without laying a single egg.

      Clown cuckoo land, but who are the clowns and who is the cuckoo.

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