Buy Beef Eat Horse:Buy Rice Eat Lead

We really eat from a global table. It is good to be able to eat dishes that originate from exotic parts of the world and taste what other taste thousands of miles away. Foreign food has become part of every culture, whether it is a curry in London or a hamburger in India.

However, while eating foreign dishes is exciting and stimulating, and probably in some cases quite healthy, our globalised world brings with our food problems that arise from buying something that the farmer down the road did not grow, raise or milk.

We have seen that if you buy beef you often get horse. Now it seems that if you buy rice, you often get some free lead thrown in, sometimes even a dose of arsenic.

Rice imported into the Unites States from China seems to have, in much of it, higher quantities of lead than permitted by the US Food and Drug Administration. It is thought that the rice is grown in soil contaminated with industrial pollution and water running through highly polluted courses in which Chinese factories dump toxic effluent in order to make cheap goods for the American market. So it seems lead contamination is accidental, but entirely preventable.

Eating lead is not recommended. It has many adverse effects on humans that are growing up, one of which is to make them stupid.

There are three ways of looking at this:-

  1. Cheap goods come at a cost which is not known at the time or
  2. It is all part of a plot but China to make the next generation of American children stupid or
  3. The present generation of Americans value cheap goods more than they value the next generation of American’s intelligence.

Buy beef, eat horse and buy rice eat lead

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