We Must Not Forget Bradley Manning

Just so we do not forget, Bradley Manning’s case has still not been resolved. Mr Manning released, it is claimed, many sensitive and secret documents which showed the USA in a bad light; it is claimed that in doing so he aided and abetted the enemy of the USA. He has been in prison for nearly three years, although fortunately his period of solitary confinement “only” lasted the first nine months of his incarceration. He pleaded guilty to about half the charges against him, the less serious charges, but refuses to plead guilty to aiding and abetting the enemy, and will be tried on the serious charges in June at what promises to be a spectacle with all the hallmarks of a show trial.

There are many precedents in the history of the USA where people who have acted as Mr Manning has acted have either not been prosecuted or prosecuted and pardoned. It is important that people can disclose wrong doing freely without too much fear of repercussions, as recent events in Mid Staffs hospital show. I fear, however, that Mr Manning will not be pardoned but will serve a long and difficult prison sentence for what he has done.

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