Margaret Thatcher Dies

I regret it when any person dies but when someone who dies having lived a long and fruitful life, perhaps we do not need to feel so sad; they have had their life and on the whole it will have been a good one. I heard that Margaret Thatcher has died. I met her twice and on each occasion she treated me with great courtesy and was respectful of what I had to say. Probably I was just as convinced that I was right in my arguments as she, but that is the nature of meetings with politicians, where you have little chance to persuade them of the rightness of your views.
There will be many who demonise her but she probably did more good for our environment by taking on the coal miners which eventually led to a great reduction in pollution and emissions. It was not an intended consequence of her fight with the coal miners, but sometimes unintended consequences can have more beneficial effects than intended ones. I am sure that Mrs Thatcher was the first British Politician to understand and make a speech about the dangers of climate change. She had the scientific background and the intellectual capacity to understand the arguments. It is a shame that her words are not heeded in the actions of present Conservative politicians.


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  1. May she rest in peace.

    If you took the time to study where global warming AKA climate change originated from and who is promoting the lie and stands to control the global economy through such a policy, one would see why.

  2. And The Devil Smiles

    By thommo

    The Devil is smiling and ringing a bell,
    Maggies’ drawn her last breath and departed for hell.
    Stoking the fires with dead miners’ coal,
    a fitting reward for Thatchers black soul.
    We’ll pay for her funeral like we paid for her crimes,
    is my lack of remorse a sign of the times?
    The first female Prime Minister but what did she do?
    She privatised our industry for the benefit of a few!
    Sent soldiers to die to defend Falklands sheep,
    how many at her funeral will be pretending to weep?
    Surrounded by paedophiles she was Saviles’ close friend,
    she was fully aware so let’s not pretend.
    Famous for the quote ‘This lady’s not for turning’,
    she’s now got a job keeping hells’ fires burning.
    Good riddance dear Maggie you’ve got your reward,
    more debt for the nation we just can’t afford.

  3. Politically, a lot of wrong policies started in her years…a lot of wrong policies in Health, Education, Jobs etc…her impact (direct or indirect, as you try to suggest) was huge…and mostly negative…After her, the calibre of the UK’s leaders has gone down …dramatically, and this lack of leadeship costs a lot…even more than the wrong policies of hers…

  4. Thing is they were not Margret’s ideas, she was the figure head to take the blame for them in latter years, she was a victim like many before and after her too. The policies were auto destruction of the western economy in order of re-distributing the limited energy to the cheapest hands and makers of things.
    Since the beginning of her innings no new major oil reserves or worth have been discovered, no new oil processing plants were made therafter, we are currently at peak oil flow and have been for a couple of decades, see the picture yet.
    We are entering the final stages of cheap oil and will need many new alternatives, not because of AGW which never existed/only in monetary terms for those who know scarcity is due to follow, so they now try to lessen the burden which is mouths to feed in the coming global droughts.
    People are watching the left hand and not noticing what the right hand is doing at any time, but some are watching how we are reacting.

    Maggie did single handed bring about the structures to bring the national house down, free trade agreements and ammendments, destroy the lagest working force the building trade by selling off the public dwellings, while the vultures making up her policies cleaned up for pennies minus 144 in the process.

    This current scenario is like a cancer, it is not going to go away, if one does not act now its going to be too late, watch out for the next bank holliday in Canada and possibly here too.

  5. Some genuinely abundant info , Gladiola I exposed this. “If a child can’t hear the way we clarify, possibly we should teach the way they learn.” by Ignacio Estrada.

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