The Power of Words

There is wisdom in words, even in foolish and dangerous words. There is beauty in words; the sounds that we hear from speech and the sounds that we form in our minds when we read can be as beautiful and as moving as the best music that we can hear. There is truth in words, even in words which do not speak the truth, because through lies we can better understand the truth. There is rare simplicity and great complexity in words. There is grace in words. Words are powerful; they can shape movements and bring ideas into reality.

We owe it to ourselves not to abuse words and not to use them badly. So many these days are so good at picking a selection of words that trigger emotions to make us buy something we do not need or sell something we should keep, or fight a war when we should be at peace or justify that which cannot be justified. Yet we cannot pay this debt to ourselves, for so many do not care beyond their selfish desires and greed.