Hiding a Hare in a Field of Wheat

British Farmers, notoriously famous for always complaining, have plenty to complain about right now. They have suffered what virtually amounts to eighteen months of winter, find soil conditions very cold. Grass, which is a crop for dairy farmers much needed to feed cattle, and wheat, a crop for grain farmers, much needed to give us our daily bread, should be growing well in early April.

In order to grow well these crops need soil temperatures of about 6⁰ Celsius to have their growth spurts. Most soils in Britain in April right now have soil temperatures of 2⁰ Celsius and this means the grass and the wheat are barely growing. You cannot hide a hare in a field of wheat this April nor do you need to get your lawn mower out of its winter hibernation.

These conditions have been caused by weather. All over the world farmers are experiencing very different weather conditions than those they expect and than those that have applied for many generations. The weather is telling us something about the climate and the way the climate is changing. We should listen to what it tells us. A hare cannot hide today in any British field of wheat, nor can people hide from the weather that warns us of things to come.

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