The Long Cold Hard Winter

It has been a long cold hard winter in London. Of course England’s climate is not as long, cold and hard as the climates of many other nations, but for us this year has been exceptional. There has been a lack of colour in the weather this year, as winter intruded into autumn and Spring, with its grey intruding into our colour spectrum.

This is the environment in which we have lived for months; colours make us feel happy, but grey is not a colour and removes joy in pieces and tires our minds as the cold weather reduces our wealth as we pay to stay warm.

We are used to staying warm; when we were much younger, if we were much younger, being cold in winter was a normal part of our lives. As we became more prosperous central heating transformed from a luxury to a necessity. We no longer wake up and exhale to watch our breath condense on window glass and mirrors. This was not fuel poverty; this was a normal way of life for millions of inhabitants of these islands. The old died in winter, that friend of the elderly.

Inevitably age and prosperity softens us. A long cold hard winter when we were young would not have bothered us, because we knew there were many summers to come. As we get older we fear that the summers to come will be few and the long cold hard winters will extend into them.