Celestial Will Making

Celestial Lawyer: Welcome, baby boom generation, I understand that you want to make a will?

Baby Boom Generation: Well, we’re getting to the time of life when we ought to start thinking about what we have to leave and who should have it?

CL: What have you decided?

BBG: I ought to leave everything we have to the next generation. They have not proved as creative as us, or as diligent or as hard working, but I don’t believe in disinheriting our descendants and they don’t deserve to miss out.

C:: Fine. I can prepare a will that leaves everything that you own to the future generation but our celestial will making doesn’t quite work in the quite the same way as wills on the planet earth. You see, each generation does not own anything. You cannot take what you have when you die, and when you occupy your two paces of earth or you become a handful of ashes, because then you are not legally qualified under celestial law to own anything. Technically you simply hold your possessions on trust for the next generation. When you die the next generation becomes the trustee of what humanity owns and they possess what they inherited from you and in turn hold it on trust for the future generations beyond them.

BBG: I see. Does that include everything I possess?

CL: Yes, it includes not only all the good things, like the useful assets that you have acquired, but also all the bad things, the liabilities, like the pollution and environment that you created and shaped.

BBG: Can I simply leave the assets to the next generation and let the liabilities simply alone so that no one has them?
CL: No, it doesn’t work like that. The assets and liabilities come together and you have to leave them in your will together. They are indivisible.

BBG: I see. But can I then leave the assets and liabilities to a future generation – perhaps one in six or seven generations time, because they may have evolved the technology to minimise the liabilities and maximise the assets?

CL: No, they must be left to the very next generation, because those were the terms of the trust that under which you acquired those assets and liabilities. Anyway, the next generation cannot survive without the assets that you have enjoyed, so you have to leave them to the next generation and with them the liabilities. Those are the rules.

BBG: So I suppose that there is no point in making a will at all.

CL: None at all. When you were brought into being as a generation you inherited the assets and liabilities so that you could use them during your lifetime, and on condition that after you had used them the assets and liabilities must go down to the next generation.

BBG: But I didn’t know that; I was very young when I came into my inheritance. If I had known that I would have taken more care, created fewer debts and created a better environment. No one told me.

CL: You were the same age as every other generation when they came into the inheritance and ignorance is no excuse.

BBG: But I am frightened for the next generation, because I have left many more liabilities than I ever inherited and I have not left the assets in good shape. I have left the next generation many more debts that I inherited; in fact I rather suspect that the debts will take several generations to repay. I have also left the environment in far worse shape than when I inherited it. I have done a bit of good, but in truth the harm that I have done is far more than the good I have done.

CL: It was obvious when you came into your inheritance wasn’t it? You knew that the evil that men do lives after them.

BBG: So it is too late to change – I can’t use any clever lawyer tricks to save the next generations from what I have done?

CL: Celestial law does not work like human law. It is much simpler and there are no loopholes.

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