A cold Easter and our greed and carelessness

The weather this Easter has been odd for Easter. Easter lambs are trapped under snowfalls as a rare cold easterly wind sends temperatures down to below freezing; Easter is early this year and Easter Sunday sees the day when the clocks are would back an hour, the start of longer evenings but the weather takes no notice. The biosphere is loaded with heat in places where it has not such year for a hundred millennia and the great oscillations have been moved fractionally to change their behaviour which has been more or less predictable for centuries. Now the oscillations are less predictable and more unpredictable.

Human behaviour is predictable; greed and carelessness are the hallmarks of humanity. In economic activity we pass our debts to our descendants. We have given them a poisoned chalice and no other vessel from which to drink. And they will have to drink the poison in a poorer environment, one which they will inherit from our greed and carelessness.

If you can, have a happy and peaceful Easter.



2 Responses

  1. More greed, new web licence to be announced soon, from April next year 50 quid per household.

  2. Internet users have been dealt a huge blow after documents leaked to MoneySavingExpert.com reveal EVERYONE who browses the web will have to buy a yearly internet licence from next April, or face a hefty fine.

    The likely £50/year licence will be imposed on anyone who accesses the internet, be it on a computer, mobile, tablet or via their TV.

    The move will be a blow for hard-pressed consumers faced with rising bills across the board — already today, water bills, dental certificates and English prescriptions are all rising in price.

    Closing the loophole

    The Government, which it is believed to be set to announce full details tomorrow, is understood to want to introduce the licence partly to stop the growing number of people who are legally watching TV without a licence.

    The rules state anyone who watches or records live TV, on a TV set, computer, tablet or mobile needs a TV licence. However, if you only watch on catch-up TV such as iPlayer or ITV Player, even if programmes are broadcast in advance of TV transmission, no licence is necessary (see the MSE TV licence guide for more information).

    The current TV colour licence costs £145.50 a year, while a black and white one is set at £49.

    As with the TV licence, you’ll only need one internet licence per home. It’s initially expected to be priced at a flat £50, and this will cover all devices within that property to access the internet — whether black and white or colour.

    The new internet licensing company will have detector equipment and officers out and about which can tell whether or not you’re using the internet. It can then check if you’re registered on their system.

    If you don’t have an internet licence, but you’re caught using the web outside of your workplace (which will also need a licence), you can be fined up to £1,000.

    MoneySavingExpert to help its users with the fee

    MoneySavingExpert.com creator Martin Lewis says: “The introduction of this internet licence is a disgrace. However, to help those who use our website a lot, we’re considering a new scheme for regular users where we will contribute towards their web licence. This should help take some of the financial pressure off consumers looking to save cash.

    “We’re still working out the exact costs to determine who we’ll be able to help, but hope to be able to provide an update by lunchtime today.”

    We contacted the Free Web Alliance. Its spokeswoman, Eileen Johnson, told us: “This whole thing is one massive joke. The internet has been free to use ever since it was founded, it’s one of its binding principles. This is the thin end of the wedge.”
    www. moneysavingexpert.com/news/shopping/2013/04/50-web-licence-to-be-compulsory-for-all-internet-users

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