They Call it Good Friday

Christians call today Good Friday. It is a Friday, without doubt, and they describe it as “good” because a man (who is also apparently not a man) was tortured and killed for political reasons that I understand but for religious reasons which I do not think anyone can  understand as a matter of logic but have to be felt or accepted, rather than understood.

Organised religion has one great disadvantage and one great disadvantage and that is the same: it is organised. People like ceremony and certainty. At school we sang harvest festival hymns at harvest time, carols at Christmas, Palm Sunday hymns on Palm Sunday, Easter hymns at Easter and other hymns at the same time of the year. For some reason we sang “for those in Peril on the Sea” around the time of the September equinox, when British sailors thought that the shortening of the day to less than twelve hours brought storms and hurricanes to the seas.

People enjoy this cyclical part of religion and every religion has a procession of events to celebrate or commemorate which people first experience when they are very young and keep on experiencing every year as they grow old and after their death their descendants keep the cycle and celebrate or commemorate as the case may be the same events. People get comfort from Christmas and Easter and it is an advantage of religion that people get comfort. People who practice Islam pray five times every day and get comfort from their prayers, as do the devout Jews who pray, heads covered and heads nodding. In this world it is always good for people to be comforted and organised religion has this great advantage to people.

However organised religion has the disadvantage of being organised. Hierarchies of organisation have been created, with a chain of command and usually some kind of supreme leader. Because people are curious and want to know more they find questions about the religion and about its behaviour and rules which they want answered, The organised religion provides answers to these questions and curiosities, and the answers provided by organised religion do not always seem to be the right answers and providing the wrong answers cancels the comfort that has been provided and in particular cases often provides distress and confusion.

Another disadvantage of organised religions is the fact that there are religions, as opposed to a single religion. Organised religion brings religions into potential conflict in ways that religion that is not organised can never.

Perhaps an organised religion is inevitable as soon as a religion is based upon a book. Words have such power and complexity that you can understand them both logically and emotionally, which is where I started this essay and seems to be a god place to end it.

Wherever you are and whatever you believe I wish you a peaceful Good Friday.

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  1. Also known as Carling Day, or Passion Day, where black peas of a very old variety were eaten.
    The man who was Jesus was an ordinary man in his cruel world mearly trying to see that justice was done and a fair tradesman of his day, nothing special in that. His torture was akin to another Guantanamo Bay incident, where innocents against the same ruling empire would have no words spoken out against their ideas.

    The reason why the flock follows the idea of eternal like is because they are afraid of death, and will forever ask for salvation from an invisible foe, which they all move inevitably towards.

    One look inside the Vatican City will give anyone the answer to their questions of how this religion thinks about the poor, who religiously slaved away upon millenia and gave freely those riches unto the idea which is the bible.

    I am god so bring unto me your riches, and I will loan them back to you in ideas only.

    Could the pope prevent any of this.

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