The Story and the Plot

We all like stories. Watching sport is simply watching a story and playing sport is simply being in a story. Our lives are stories and although we can forget the older parts of the story we live our stories each day. E M Forster wrote that “the King died and then the Queen died” is a story, but “the king died and then the Queen died of grief” is a plot. In our lives we live the story but fail to understand the plot.

The story is the simple sequence of events, no matter how it is told. The reasons that those events happen and the consequences of those events, with the motives, emotions and instincts that guide and shape them is the plot.

The story of humanity is a simple story of sequences. If accurate (or reasonably accurate) it becomes a history. The reason why humanity has encountered the events in its story is the plot that we almost always fail to understand as it unravels; it is usually only after the end of the story do those living it understand the plot. The story is no more than the birth life and death of billions throughout time, but the plot cannot be understood properly until the story is at an end. It is not than we lose the plot, but we simply fail to understand it.

2 Responses

  1. I don’t agree, to see the truth is to take whatever the MSM tells us and then go looking for the real story, that will tell us those truths.

    To have control of the MSM, the laws of the land is a way of creating historical stories and events for a vested interst.

    When one learns the truth/facts, you ajust your views in a never ending and altered story.

    The truth is the truth.

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