We have forgotten about the environment

We have forgotten about the environment. People are distracted by the economic problems that we suffer. The short term desire of people to prosper has triumphed over the long term desire to do the right thing for the right reason. The environment is just an afterthought, or a foot note on the agenda of most political parties.

Yet the degradation of the environment and of the climate of this biosphere continues. We are seldom reminded of this these days. We glance at a wind farm and think all is well. We see photovoltaics cover the roof of a house and smile contentedly that something is being done. We see an electric car and take comfort from it. We learn that a rain forest the size of Wales has been saved but fail to remember that rain forests the size of Europe have been lost in the past decades. It is praising the saving of a small cluster of alveoli while ignoring the loss of a lung.

I do not criticise those who try to do good by the environment. I simple say that doing good by the environment should be the norm, not the exception.

We close our eyes to the emissions and pollution that is created by our lives. We hear about storms, ice melts, deforestation, droughts, floods and clouds of pollution, but they are elsewhere and the cause of them seems remote and disconnected from us, because we feel safe in our bubble.

The news agencies offer fewer and fewer stories on climate change. Even when there is a weather event which is almost certainly caused by climate change, the global warming facet is hardly mentioned. We are obsessed with trying to relieve the symptoms of the disease, but are frightened to find a cure because the cure may be unpleasant. The governments of the nations of the world do not dispense medicine that cures the disease afflicting the place in which we live, but placebos.

We hear complex arguments as to why environmental protection is unaffordable, economically unsound, and undesirable. We do not listen to the simple truth, that we live in the environment. We cannot live outside of it.

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  1. By by 2050 Rob we will loose around a million people a year, the trend has already started, fertility rates are reaching rock bottom for our very survival depends upon new people, people are not being born in the western democracies like they used to be, so waste will become less and less.

    Right now China and other leading industrial nations are in competition for the available good land and food around the globe in order of growing, this will haltthe availability of food in the countries where it is grown, thus more will be unable to eat.

    In the fullness of time the empire and cycle will be broken, and we will start all over again.

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