Exporting Our Industry: exporting our pollution

When the great western democracies exported their smokestack industries and their manufacturing and processing industries to the developing world they did so to make money, or to make more money. There are two reasons why you can make more money by manufacturing abroad; the first is that the cost of labour is significantly less in China than it is in say the United Kingdom. The second reason is that regulations and the enforcement of them are significantly lighter in places like China.

In the great Western democracies we built industries and ran them without too much thought for the environment. We dumped coal waste in great slag heaps, which eventually killed children, we poisoned waterways so much so that at one stage the Thames became a lifeless sewer, and we dumped pollution into the air giving our children breathing difficulties and creating cancers.

Even though we knew that unless there is rigorous enforcement of rules to protect the environment, when we exported our industries we were rather careless of what we knew and those receiving our industries were just as careless as us, when they had to run them.

Today, notwithstanding all that we know, the greed is so deep that there are cancer villages in China, created by pollution. There is a correlation between the location of the factories causing pollution and the cancers in the population, so that cancer is now the most popular disease in China having seen it mortality rate rise by 80%.

Beijing suffers from at least as much atmospheric pollution as London did sixty years ago. A great brown cloud is spreading over China.

We may not have known once that pollution damages health, but we do know it now; humanity in its quest for greed and growth has learned that although greed may never be assuaged, growth is just as often malignant as it is benign.

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  1. The main reason for China growing exponentially is the government prints its own money and has no private share holders who influence it, then they loan it directly to the manufacturing bases at zero %, we simply cannot compete on this level in the west, where a frational based monetary system prevails and is due to fail once again.

    The pollution in Beging is many time greater than our was in our own industrial revolution, in a recent survey done on the US embassy the particulate pollution was found to be in excess of 750ppm many dozens of times the deemed safe levels, the very poor coal found in the mother load across China is extremely poor quality and extremely high in sulphur, not even simple face masks can filter out of poisons their air contains.

    The growth in China is set to grow tenfold yet, and the new religion which is climate change/global warming is working hard to bring in the carbon taxes to pathe the way for these new taxes on the back of pollution,our comercialism is creating by buying sheer tat from the yellow river area and beyond.

    The greatest threat to our person and monetary health is our governing sytem, which is now showing signs of implosion.


    Better prepare because the tumor is now past the point of no return.

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