Here Comes the Sun

It has been so nice for the past few days to see the sum emerge after such a dark and rainy winter, In Friday from my office window at five o’clock I saw the sun, which had for months set in the early afternoon. On Saturday the sun was warm but watery. Today, the seventeenth day of February, the sun shone brightly and kindly over London. It was good.

2 Responses

  1. We were digging in the garden yesterday and the sun was warming our backs nicely, the skies were misty and criss crossed by dozens upon dozens of airoplane contrails, that persisted all day, they came from east to west as the wind came, otherwise it could have been a lot warmer.

    Normally the north/south air routes show trails only in that direction, but yesterday they were in every direction one could imagine, and not the normal traffic.

    What I think is happening is geo engineering on a massive scale.

    The sun is about to awaken from its long sleep, this is when the geo-engineering will cease, so it looks like the weather is much warmer than normal.

    The sun worshiping gods are using the planes to further their agenda at the cost of those who fly, using them to further the lie.


    • I forgot to mention, On the day of 9-11 all the planes were grounded, in that window the mean air temp rose by a degree, nuff said.

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