Ignorance is Everywhere

Ignorance is everywhere but in some places it is more deeply spread than in others and on some topics, such as the environmental protection I can find myself in despair about the ignorance.  Fox News is a good example, although it is not unique. I have seen similar ignorance displayed on the BBC and by the Advertising Standards Authority. Some may be well educated but education does not make you smart.

The following is a good and recent example of what I mean.


Three journalists on Fox Business Network hardly showed themselves to be informed or even educated in that clip. Apparently the viewers were told

  • Germany has a lot more sun than the United States
  • Solar will not work when its cloudy or rainy and
  • Solar just won’t work on the East Coast of America.

It would be funny if it was not so tragic.

5 Responses

  1. It is not surprising that the public are ill informed, if they willingly connect to either countries MSM Rob.

    To be smart it’s best to be home educated, then the child has a real chance to build a set of views that could be their own, the education department is now failing whole sale the majority, for the minority.

    As I have commented before, we are awash with information but starved of true knowledge.

    There is far more to learn than just reading and writing, the rest cannot be taught in schools.

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