Whose fault is the War?

There is a long lasting war going on in many places between Islamic fundamentalists and the major Western democracies. The war is shown in small actions of great violence and in large actions of little violence. Nations have been invaded, lives lost, prosperity and economies ruined and people have been degraded. This has happened to both sides, and as is usual no one actually wins a war, but whose fault is the war?

The democracies hold that their opponents are terrorists; they even have a mantra which usually includes the words “terrorists” “jihad” ” insurgents” and “extremists”.

George Galloway has asked why it is that the British government is so intent on fighting and bombing brutal Islamic extremists in Mali, while simultaneously arming and funding equally brutal Islamic extremists in Syria. Answer came there none.

The war between some Islamists and the democracies has been going on since the 1960s. Those long years of war have hardened attitudes; whatever murder is committed, however many people are bombed, more murder comes and more people are bombed, whether by drones, improvised explosive devices, bullets or fire.It would, as Mr Galloway’s question implies,  show that when the democracies claim virtue in this war, their claim is hypocritical. Wars, like quarrels would not last long if the fault was only on one side.

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    I have a poor knowledge of history and politics, and no real motivation or enthusiasm for doing university level academic research in either subject, but like everybody else I do wonder about these things and I form my opinions based on what I see in the news; that, and on what I’ve heard from others, some of whom actually do have knowledge of history and other related subjects.

    What I have observed is that sometimes the militias are called freedom fighters or rebels, sometimes they are called insurgents or terrorists. The language applied to them by the media appears to depend on whose side they are on, and if they are fighting us or those we consider to be our allies.

    As to Afghanistan, I’m sure that the UK probably annoyed them during the days of the British Empire, Russia annoyed them in the 1980’s, and the US and UK have annoyed them all through the 2000’s. I think that this was as bad an idea as kicking a bees nest.

    I know nothing about the Afghans except that nobody who invades stays for very long, and I think that the main reason why is that the people there don’t appreciate being invaded and are not easily subdued, they fight back. This appears to support Machiavelli when he wrote in ‘The Prince’ that if you invade a country and piss people off then you can expect the people to hate you and for them to conspire against you.

    Oh, and burning the poppy fields probably pissed them off a bit too. That and telling them what to do and how they should live. There are plenty of things that they do or don’t do over there which the media have shown us, and which I don’t agree with – some of it makes my blood boil – but they won’t change just because we bomb the living shit out of them. They’ll just dig their heels in all the harder.

    Who started it? Who pushed first? Probably us. Like I said, tantamount to kicking a bees nest, and now what we’ll do is get out as fast as we can and leave them to themselves.

    • You entered a date Rob, 1960, here we have an era in modern history where the largest oil reserves the world had ever found in and around the area of continual conflict today.

      Now lets go back in time, to the first diesel car inventede in Germany, and a rather independant Lady, that drove that car without permission on a round trip of about 90 miles on little over a gallon of fuel, to visit here freinds.
      Here-in lies a few clues as to what was being worked out, as far back as the late 1800’s, when refined oil was first brought into being.

      Go back a little further in time to the great expeditions of Africa, to find the sources of certain rivers and the riches catologued along the way, and we have a few more clues as to what the men who funded those journies were thinking.

      Then we have the Empires, the Stately homes built upon those riches and cheap labour.

      Now we have the cheap labour, and a re-distribution of wealth to help remove the previous real wealth and assetts.

      And a MSM that is shooting both their readers and themselves in the head, a segmented paradigm running around like chickens without any heads, while the greedy simply walk around putting the blinded and headless paradigm into their booty bags as nourishment.

      All we need to do is take back control of our own labours, directed by non profit money based credits system and reinstate the right and title of the female to prevent our childerick from being registered as slaves the moment they are born. We may give birth and raise them, but a piece of paper gives them a number, like the Jews who had permanent tattooes.

      We need to open our eyes, remove the blinkers and created a peaceful non compliance with the devils in disguise, and those who protect their models for imaginary credits.

      History is about to show its coats of many colours.

    • When the military first moved in and secured the beach heads of war, directly behind these convoys were the same speculators with their technology departments to find the spoils of war, locked safely away in earthern vaults.

      Recently new riches were found in the regions under contest, then the military suddenly enrich their numbers to protect both mineral and vedgetable based profits.

      A clue, 1 barrel of oil 42 US gallons = 12 grown adults using manual energy for a full growing season.

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