Such is the Nature of Progress

The World Meteorological Organization is an Agency of the United Nations. It has published data which shows that in 2011 the atmospheric content of carbon dioxide in the world was 390.9 parts per million which is two parts per million more than the atmospheric content of carbon dioxide in 2010. In 2011, concentrations of atmospheric methane (of which 60% is as a release of human activities) reached a record high of 1813 parts per billion. Carbon dioxide measured at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii in December 2012 was 394.28 parts per million. Nitrous oxide also reached a new record high of 324.2 parts per billion.

All the efforts of the nations to use renewable energy instead of fossil fuel have been wasted by the growth in prosperity in those parts of the world that are today experiencing fast economic growth. We will experience the effects of these greenhouse gas emissions in our climate, our weather and in our lives as the oceans become more acidic and the winds blow harder and longer.

Our children and our grandchildren and their children will live very different lives from us, and will look at the lives we lead today as a golden age of safety, security when people lived good lives with clean water and ate good food. Such is the nature of progress.

You can see the data in more detail at

3 Responses

  1. You never mentioned that in the last recorded period, that plant growth was up 6% due to higher atmospheric Co2 levels, basically regions away from mans constant influence have greened.

    Similar to the intense growth periods, where our coal and oil were formed on the equator and all life flourished as a result, corrals on the Northern Lattitudes, that no longer grow today are a time window in themselves, where shorter hotter day were the norm.

    Nitrous Oxide is a bi-product of the oil/chemical industry due to using high yields of Amonia based fertilisers, it is not part of the normal fertilisation paradigm and is quickly converting and leaving many soils barren, like a drug addict needing its fix every planting.

    As the soil is further depleted the problems will peak, when there is no natural ellements left in the ground to initiate compostation, once this happens it takes five years or more to regain the ground, as all Soil Association applicants find out when applying to moving over to organic status.

    To get a complete picture all side of real science must be studdied, all non scientist, anylists, must be put out to grass. At the moment we are following false prophets and pipers a plenty all singing from the hymn sheet that pays the best returns, here is humanities achilles heel, if ever there was one.

  2. See other thought processes going on here, watch the whole window.

  3. If your interested in what has been done so far, here is something wurth reading.

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