A Simple Choice: whether to hold a Referendum on the EU

The United Kingdom is getting very excited about the possibility of a referendum to be held some time in the future on whether it should stay in the European Union or leave it.  Continue reading

Climate Change from idea to perception to almost truth

This is the third attempt that I have made to write an essay for today. At one time the previous two attempts would have reached the waste paper bin, but these days failed attempts are simply cremated before they are born. Continue reading

So long, Mackerel

We are being advised to eat less mackerel, which is a healthy oily fish that lives close to the surface of the ocean. Mackerel shoals have moved to the North West in the last eight years, into areas of the sea fished by Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Continue reading

A stout door is better protection than the devices of the financial markets

As I locked the front door I realised just how much we have to trust our fellow human beings. The door is heavy and substantial and like most doors it can be broken down. Most of us are not protected by armed guards, security scanners and numerous devices; most of us rely on a door, a lock and the goodwill of those that live around us to keep us safe. Continue reading

Rescue the people and rescue the World

In a world full of people there are many times and ways in which some of the people some of the time are in need of rescue. Continue reading

Dr Van Rossum and Mercury Rising

When I was a little boy I was impressed by and in awe of the doctor in Poplar who used to make house calls, as most doctors did then. He was tall and his name was Doctor Van Rossum. The good folk of Poplar treated Doctor Van Rossum like a saint, as he made his house calls however busy he was,  and however poor we were, my father always took Dr Van Rossum a bottle of wine at Christmas, carefully wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper bought from Woolworths. Whenever I visited Dr Van Rossum he put his thermometer in my mouth, which he kept in a glass tube of pink liquid, having shaken the liquid off the thermometer and then shaken it some more. Continue reading

Weather warnings

Weather, like form, is temporary; climate, like class is permanent. The statistics of weather are an important constituent of climate change predictions, but not the only element in the algorithm. When things get too hot, too wet or too cold offical bodies issue weather warnings.  Continue reading