The War on Terror – Right is Might

The war of terror, that war on an concept, has rapidly expanded into a war on many people and many nations in many places since the Twin Towers were bombed so many years ago. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and now Mali have all proven to be places where the war has been fought and many lives have been lost, especially the lives of civilians.  After the experience of wars on terrorists in Vietnam the United States has recovered from its experience and now gung-ho goes to fight against those who perceives do not share its values almost at the drop of the hat and drags other nations into these wars.

If no war on terror against Iraq had been fought would the world be a less dangerous place than it is today? I doubt it, because whether you are right or wrong most people will fight to defend an attack on their homeland and most people will resent the attacker, however pure the motives for the attack may be, if in the course of the attack your wife of father or children are killed.

A war on terror is a vicious circle, one war begets another war, one death begets many others.

If someone has done wrong, even a great a grievous wrong, the proper response of a civilised nation is to use the process of law to catch, try and punish the wrong doer in accordance with the law. Perhaps the United States’ historical cowboy inheritance causes it to think that it is right to shoot first and after questions later or that might is right. They have got that the wrong way round as Abraham Lincoln pointed out: might is not right; right is might.