Thoughts in a Cemetery

A cemetery can be empty of people but crowded with the memories of people we knew, once occupying life in large measure, now confided to two paces of earth or a handful of ashes.

There are some places which are temples of death where the tombs and trees obscure the sky, like the old cemetery in Highgate with its mausoleums edging winding paths and its aping of life, real life, later aped itself by Disneyland.  Its trees and bushes in places are jungle like. Other cemeteries are devoid of trees with only little vegetation that struggles for life in a place for the dead, and mainly well ordered, as good regulations. Other cemeteries are fields of white crosses perfectly ordered in green grass, perfectly cut.

Every society has ways of treating its dead enclosed with tradition as well as words of comfort spoken or sung as prayers. Having taken what we needed from this good mother earth, and sometimes taken far more than we needed because we had taken what we desired  we return to the arms of that good mother.

I have always felt sorry for those whose bodies were laid in large tombs, in shelves or in mighty cathedrals. the remains of Napoleon lie in a massive vase like urn in Les Invalides in Paris, far from the earth; kings and queens laid to rest in the stone floors of stone buildings are denied the chance to return to the arms of the dust from which they sprang. Under the streets of Paris and Roe lie the bones of millions of souls, once buried and then disinterred to be placed in hideous tasteful arrangements, the of strangers skulls piled together, femurs bleached of flesh filed in the next cave.

It is good to visit a cemetery to be reminded of death that will come to all of us living beings. And it is good to think on these things. But it is especially good to leave these places of memories and walk into busy streets where the living are, where I am, alive and glad of it.

One Response

  1. And in millions of years the collectors will find our bones. They may look a little like us, or completely different, the mother of all will watch over us, if we as the current residents don’t care for our “immediate enviornment”, it will cease to supply us with what we need and we will die at the hands and minds of sheer ignorance.

    Best never to fear ones fear, words, of fear of death is the ultimate mind weapon alongside the countless laws of man, which continually change as any awareness of freedom comes into view.

    Like I have shared many times here, What we think or what we believe is of little consequence, what is, is what we do to one another, by ignoring the past and trying to mold future generations.

    If we gave back more than we and others on our behalf take from others, this place could be so much better for the whole, in order of doing that, we must take control our own labour, our own hand to eye coordination.

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