A Simple Choice: whether to hold a Referendum on the EU

The United Kingdom is getting very excited about the possibility of a referendum to be held some time in the future on whether it should stay in the European Union or leave it. 

Those you think that the UK should stay in the EU claim that to leave would cause tremendous economic damage and uncertainty. Those who think that the UK should leave claim that the UK would lose its sovereignty  and therefore the ability to regulate its own affairs, should the EU continue to grasp more and more powers from member states.

When you analyse the arguments there are many complexities. However one thing is simple. A nation has a right to decide what it wants to do. If it does not have the right it is not really a democracy. When the Greeks sought their freedom from the Ottoman Empire in the early part of the nineteenth century they did so under the battle cry of “freedom or death”. That cry seems a little extreme for modern tastes; if you have nothing you have nothing to lose by death, but we today have something and those who seek to deny a referendum deny democracy.

A nation has a perfect right to decide that it no longer wishes to accept the terms and laws that bind the EU together. The course of action it decides should be as a result of a democratic process, not as a result of the great and the good refusing to allow the people to make their own decisions.

The people collectively have wisdom; that is the rationale for democracy. If the arguments are good for staying in the EU, the people collectively will recognise that in a referendum. The argument that we cannot hold a referendum because it will affect our prosperity is an argument that is not democratic.

The question is whether democracy is more important than economic prosperity. I think it is, just as millions who have lived before me thought that democracy was more important than immediate prosperity, and chose democracy because they loved freedom, that sister of democracy.

2 Responses

  1. Dave is basically holding the country to ransom. He could, if he were truly in charge call a poll any time night or day, electronically and never be worried about the answer, any answer. Electronically where each citizen could log into a designated server and do the bussiness and it would show if there was a whole lot of Lisbonong going on and save millions.

    What will happen in this two hare one party rule is, the promise will be granted, then he will loose next ellection to Labour, works every time, least we continue to forget, again.

    Bilderbergers are experts in spin, like the last highlander model, there is one and all one party to carry the illusion ever forward.

    Mr. Farrage is climbing the ladders of a new religious back up plan, but it will make no difference than the others, who pays all of their wages, will loose out as per usual.

  2. If the UK was out of an EU ruination, then they could avoid the up and coming conscription into the largest land army the world has ever seen, for what is obviously moves toward global domination for our corporate overlords. We all know what happens to ill trained conscripts, they are less effective than regular fully trained boots on the ground, die faster so are good for bussiness for the invisible masters.

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