Weather warnings

Weather, like form, is temporary; climate, like class is permanent. The statistics of weather are an important constituent of climate change predictions, but not the only element in the algorithm. When things get too hot, too wet or too cold offical bodies issue weather warnings. 

45.8 degrees Celsius is very hot. For those you think in Fahrenheit, it is 114.44 degrees and that was the experience of the inhabitants of Sydney in Australia yesterday. It is the hottest temperature ever recorded. The Australians must cope with record numbers of bush fires in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. Relief is on the way as local meteorologists predict rain, which will lower the record temperatures. There is an official weather warning.

In the United Kingdom we have had our first snowfall of the winter, with much of it covering old South Wales. There is an official weather warning.

The weather will change from day to day and week to week; the climate it seems used to change over the millennia; now it seems to change over the centuries and soon, very likely will change over the decades. That is the real weather warning.

2 Responses

  1. The Chandler Wobble.

  2. When we lived up on the lower Shap Fells, the snow would often cover the walls completely which we could then drive over in the snow cat, the local authorities basically forgot us and landed two weeks later. The sheep would still be alive days later under the snow in their bundles with small gaps around them, amazing creatures, and we shut schools for a few inches, the world has truly gone soft.

    However I agree with the term change, take a look outside.

    This is the ultimate winter boot.

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