The Effect on Climate of coal, diesel and wood burning

I have written a great deal about my views that particulates are a significant contribution to the changes that our climate are experiencing than we understand, and my instincts seem to be borne out by research published in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres.  If the research has drawn the correct conclusions, then particulates from wood burning, diesel engines and coal burning (which create pure carbon in the form of soot) have twice more impact on our climate than previously estimated.

These particulates have several effects. They are harmful to health, they absorb sunlight and while in the atmosphere this absorption of heat warms the air, speeding the melting of ice and snow, and they diffuse light, possibly adding to a dimming effect of sunlight.

Wood burning for fuel is now subsidised in the United Kingdom, on the grounds that wood, unlike fossil fuel, is a renewable resource.  For many years the voices that pointed out the global warming effects of wood burning have been ignored, as governments around the world concentrated on reducing use of fossil fuel, rather than reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and particulates.

Diesel burning, mainly for vehicles, has been falling in the developed world quite significantly as a result of diesel engines becoming more and more efficient, as a result of government legislation. However, the fall in the developed world has probably been more than compensated by the rise oin the use of diesel engines in the undeveloped world, which is becoming more and more industrialised.

Coal burning has in places like the United Kingdom, reduced over the past fifty years, but that reduction has been more than offset by massive increases in coal burning in places like China, South Africa and Australia, where coal is abundant, cheap to mine and where there is little natural gas or oil.
I am still unsure as to whether the role in climate change by coal burning has been to reduce the pace of climate change, by dimming the light with particulates or has been to accelerate it, by melting snows and ice more quickly, or a combination of both factors.  That may explain why the extent of Arctic sea ice has been diminishing (because the Arctic is closer to the parts of the world where coal burning has occurred) and the extent of the Antarctic ice has not seen such a dramatic change.

What is clear is that we may be using one poison to counteract the symptoms caused by another poison, temporarily. The solution must be to use as little of either poison as possible. With six billion souls on this small planet and with most of those souls seeking to improve his or her life by more and more economic activity, particularly industrialised economic activity, humanity is bound to have an effect on its climate.

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  1. At last Rob, your have touched upon something that many peer reviewed studies have already covered. Global Dimming, Visible Ariel Particulate Cover, localised weather etc.

    Take the fact that the most of the planets activity/population is situated from the mid to northern hemisphere, where the majority of the staple foods are grown and we see many patterns emerging, together with geomanipulation/contrails etc on the weather by mankind and the plethora of man made particulates being released and you have pending severe weather situations, now taking place as the developing world awakens, who have still to do so, on an ever increasing roads to riches plan for the elite classes, living in the known non troubled zones.

    Now there are several emerging continents giants all burning their way towards massive industrialisation, the likes the planet has never seen before.

    The global particulates are already being mapped by the ISS, the models are gathering pace. Add that to a solar maximum to awaken and you will have other reasons to be chearful which will be milked dry.

    Particulates are the true carbons, the beta blockers and true seeding of the Immediate enviornment, like mentioned before, witness what follows a volcano outburst in a moisture laden atmosphere, its not rocket science.

    Forget about Co2, that can and is/always been recycled by the Ghia of old in much higher concentrations, when the plethora of coal and oil were laid down, which we are lacking today, they know what is really going on here, but want the whole to carry on polluting to pay.

    Mankind could live in harmony without waste and greed for monetary growth, but the life blood of the human mind and money is the elites main weapon against mankind in the wrong hands, while the real hands do their real work.

    We willwake up one day and cleanse these viralsfor the better of the mother of all working hard every day for free, if mankind does not cease trying to own the whole, things will never change.

  2. Appreciating the persistence you put into your website and in depth information you offer. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material. Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.
    Peuterey Prezzi Giubbotti

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