Today is Such a Quiet Day

Today is such a quiet day. I have a lot to do and too much to think about. Thinking is a kind of doing, but thinking is not a substitute for doing. You have to think first and act next, unless you have trained yourself for your thinking to be so impeccably formulaic that your action does not have to be preceded by too much thinking. I am not so trained and must struggle to think, then act, then think again.
Thinking in itself becomes action when we communicate that thinking; that is how we exploit ideas. We cannot survive as a species unless we exploit our ideas for our own benefit and for the benefit of the species and then for the benefit of the planet upon which we live. our ideas are important, which is why we must think and have quiet days for thinking.



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  1. I love to think.

    Sometimes, I look forward to a train journey just because it will allow me the luxury of thinking.

    There are books on thinking. Edward de Bono is useful, but for me there are only three types.

    First there is logical thinking, a conscious problem solving approach to mentally draft an Award or Decision. I have conscious control of this.

    Second there is vacant thinking. It happens when taking the dog for a walk, power washing the patio or even during yoga. I.e. during relatively long periods of concentration on a physical activity. That’s when, out of the blue, it suddenly occurs to me that I have missed an important point in an Award. Or, I see a problem in a new, often simpler, way. The point is that I was not consciously thinking about whatever it is when ‘eureka’

    Third there is reverie. The luxury of trying to remember the registration number of every one of my cars in order, or what did I do in 1970 or every girlfriend’s name.

    Eg. TPF 467F. Fiat Cinquecento. Irlam Registry. Trying to forget that particular girlfriend!

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